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Mmmm. European Cookies. Exploring tracking requirements with Bénédicte Dambrine of OneTrust.

Remember the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) launch back in May 2018? It was a time when webmasters around the world scrambled to make sure their sites were compliant with the new regulations affecting data privacy for EU citizens. Now nearly a year later, many webmasters are still trying to get their heads around how to approach compliance and privacy for their visitors within the context of cookies in the EU and beyond.
In this episode of PressThis we interview OneTrust’s Bénédicte Dembrine as she explores her thoughts on how you should think about the use of cookies in an ever complex and global landscape of regulations and restrictions. If you’re unsure of your approach to cookies and data privacy, listen to this episode of PressThis as Bénédicte whips up a tasty batter of advice to help you on your path to making sure your next batch of cookies are palatable to visitors around the world. Listen now!

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