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Practically Perfect Personalization with 10up’s Phil Crumm

For those of us looking for an edge when optimizing digital experiences for growth, personalization is an attractive strategy. Who doesn’t want a website or mobile experience that recognizes an individual and serves them the best content and tools that are specific to that person’s needs? It all sounds incredible, but the cost to create and maintain personalized experiences can be quite high. Is personalization worth the trouble?
In this episode of PressThis, we interview 10up’s Phil Crumm about the evolution of personalization, how brands use personalization today, the business case for personalization (when it does / doesn’t make sense), and how personalization will evolve in the future. You’ll learn keen insights into the strategies you can use to delight customers and optimize for growth.
In the end, each brand must choose if personalization is the right strategy, but we hope you’ll get a little help in finding your direction on your personalization strategy on this episode of PressThis. Listen now!

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