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Recurring Revenue for Physical Products Using WooCommerce with David Bradley

WooCommerce is a great tool for helping brands launch their e-commerce offerings, but what do brands do when it’s time to find new avenues to help customers buy? If you agree with the phrase “Customer retention is the new conversion“… then this episode is for you!

In this episode of PressThis, we interview David Bradley of QPilot ( about how automating repeat orders may be a path for helping you deliver more growth to the Woo stores you manage.

David’s company QPilot specializes in automating repeat orders that ship – oftentimes called “Subscribe and Save”, “Autoship”, or “Repeat Delivery”. QPilot also provides some clever API integrations that have helped merchants plan inventory and scale their repeat business.

David shares his thoughts around how to deliver repeat order experiences that convert and maximize customer retention, what you can do to prepare and optimize your repeat business, and a bit around how QPilot approaches automation for WooCommerce beyond the checkout!

If you’re banging your head against a wall wondering where your next surge of growth will come from, listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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