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Stop being afraid of Gutenberg with Tina Granzo

As technology evolves, so must you. Stagnation in web development isn’t an option. Those that do will be left behind. Of course, evolving may mean different things for different people, but for many in the WordPress community, this means finally pushing off from their starting blocks (pun intended) and building cool things with the WordPress block editor!

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Tina Granzo of City Beautiful Design about her journey adopting and building wicked-cool things with the WordPress block editor. Tina shares her story of discovery, how she chose her first big-block project, and the resources she used along the way to learn and build.

Tina and so many others in WordPress are building cool things with the block editor, so if you’ve been eyeballing Gutenberg wondering when it’s stable enough to dive-in, the time may be now for you to continue your evolution by building cool things with the WordPress block editor. For insights on how to listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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