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The Power of WordPress Careers for Stay-At-Home Parents With Nile Flores

“Spending time with your family is the one of if not the most fulfilling thing you can do in life, but if you’re wondering how you can put food on the table AND spend time with your family, then a WordPress career may be right for you. If you already have a WordPress career (likely if you’re listening to this podcast), then you also might be wondering how you can fulfill your family and career obligations in a work-from-home posture.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Nile Flores of about her journey from a stay-at-home parent without a career to a stay-at-home parent / WordPress professional building sites for countless businesses and embracing a leadership role in WordPress at large. Nile shares her journey and her thoughts on how stay-at-home parents can build a rewarding career in WordPress while preserving much of the time she gets to spend with her family.

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