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The Psychology of Pricing: A Realistic Approach to Pricing Agency Services with Brian Rotsztein

Pricing is one of the most overlooked areas of running your business (especially as a WordPress freelancer or small agency owner). Hardly anyone likes to have that awkward conversation. Yet, it’s a discussion that needs to take place if a business is to grow and thrive. Are your discussions leading to being paid the amount you could get?

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Brian Rotsztein, author of The Psychology of Pricing (WordPress Edition). In this interview, Brian shares his thoughts about the essential pricing models and their shortcomings, including tactics and strategies for overcoming them. He lays out an approach that can get you a fair price for your work, known as relative-value pricing. His method is a practical one, shoring up idealized models with realistic advice.

If you’re looking for fresh insight on how to price your WordPress products and services, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. Listen now!

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