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Thinking outside the blocks. How dev teams are creating websites content creators LOVE to use

“The new WordPress block editor (codenamed “Gutenberg) has introduced a world capability for developers and content creators. As brands and agencies adopt these new capabilities inside of WordPress #core, they are starting to realize that empowering the relationship between the developer and content creator unlocks incredible operational agility. Ideas move faster than ever before.
Using block-focused strategies is allowing content creators to create unique and beautiful experiences the same day they have the idea, and often without needing help from a developer. Developers are discovering that by empowering content creators they are now free to innovate in inspiring ways without being saddled with a mountain of “”soul-crushing”” landing page tickets. Of course, brands are benefiting from the increased velocity in bringing ideas to life and the innovation and integrations development teams are now free to build.
The web is poised to innovate a LOT faster.
But what about YOUR block strategy? What are you doing to inspire your dev team and empower your marketing teams?
In this episode of PressThis, host David Vogelpohl shares his thoughts on the impact the new block editor is having in WordPress, strategies tactics for building your own “”block arsenal””, and how you can deploy a block strategy that allows your developers to build innovative experiences your content creators LOVE to use.
Stop wondering “”I wonder what the heck I’ll do with Gutenberg?””. Listen to this episode of PressThis now!”

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