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User Centric Data & Privacy Strategies with Bill Jones of Enilon

When it comes to things like GDPR and CCPA digital teams often ask themselves “What do I HAVE to do?” and rarely ask themselves “What do my visitors want me to do?”.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Bill Jones of Enlion to hear his thoughts on building a user centric privacy and data strategy. Bill shares his thoughts around data collection from the visitor’s perspective, what tradeoffs you should be delivered in exchange for that data, and how to go about building a user-first data and privacy plan.

User Centric

If your entire privacy strategy is just focused around compliance, you’re doing it wrong. Expand your user-first mentality to the data you collect and the privacy policies and options you offer on the sites you build. Listen to this episode User Centric Data & Privacy Strategies with Bill Jones of Enilon now!


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