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What business owners are REALLY looking for when building websites with Irwin Hau

If you build and optimize sites for business owners or marketers as part of an agency or in-house team, you may often find yourself asking “What the heck are they REALLY asking for?!?!”. Clients often make specific requests that seem to be counter to the business objective they’re trying to achieve. We feel this instinctually, but often have trouble understanding what the client is really shooting for.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Irwin Hau of Chromatix about his 13 years of experience discovering what business owners and marketers REALLY want with site builds and optimizations. Irwin shares his thoughts on the common motivations behind stakeholder asks, examples of how clients often ask for the wrong things to achieve their outcomes, and how your team can create a more collaborative approach that delivers what the business really needs.

If you’re fumbling to figure out what business owners and marketers actually need from the sites you build and optimize, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. Listen now!

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