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Product Led Content Strategies for WordPress Product Companies With Alex Panagis

If you make, market, or work on products for the WordPress ecosystem, you may be struggling with tension in your business. Your product and engineering team often know your products intimately and likely even use them in their own WordPress builds, but how do you connect that in-depth specialized knowledge to the external messaging you create?

In this episode, we interview Alex Panagis of ScaleMath about his thoughts on how product teams not only should be involved in your content strategy but should play a BIG part in leading it. Alex shares his thoughts on how most product marketing organs approach content production, why product teams should really be taking a leadership role in product marketing, and ways products can lead content initiatives without upending their roadmap.

If you’re looking for ways to uplevel your product content, grow your WordPress product business, and do all of that without touching your build team’s velocity, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. Listen now!

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