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American Women And World War II

Today’s guest is Doris Weatherford, author of the new book Victory for the Vote. She has been publishing books on women’s history for over thirty years. Her first was FOREIGN AND FEMALE: IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN AMERICA, 1840-1930. Published in 1986, it was revised and expanded in 1995. KIRKUS REVIEWS said of it, “absorbing chapters full of quotations from original letters and diaries…meticulous research, vibrant reading.” That book grew out of her questions in a course on immigration at Harvard, and her second book, AMERICAN WOMEN AND WORLD WAR II (1990), grew out of an argument between a WAC and a WAVE at an early NOW meeting in the Boston area. Both were written after Weatherford moved to Florida, where she has lived more than thirty years.

The World War II book also won good reviews, including this comment from LIBRARY JOURNAL: “Fascinating and immensely readable…General readers will enjoy…and will be amazed.” Weatherford has found the most amazing thing about this book to be the fact that it was translated into Japanese. Later books were AMERICAN WOMEN’S HISTORY: AN A-Z (Prentice Hall, 1994), which has some 700 brief essays on individuals, organizations, issues, and events. MILESTONES: A CHRONOLOGY OF AMERICAN WOMEN’S HISTORY(Facts on File, 1997) places women in the context of the nation’s development, beginning in 1492 with the fact that Columbus used maps that he obtained from his mother-in-law.  She will be attending the Miami Book Fair this November – the 15th through the 22nd — which can be live-streamed for easy and safe access.

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