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Kids’ TV Viewing Records Big Declines

Today on Purse Strings our host talks about kids’ TV viewing records big declines. Bernstein Research says “average audiences on kids’ networks are literally half of what they were six years ago” — about 1.25 million average viewers, down from roughly 2.5 million in 2011, in Nielsen C3 ratings for 2-11 viewers on a total day basis. Since the fourth quarter of 2011, only two of 23 quarterly periods have shown growth — and 11 quarters in that six-year span have witnessed double-digit percentage declines. Her guest is  Maggie Fosdick, Vice President of Client Success at Engagement Labs, Maggie is dedicated to providing solutions for clients to better understand how social influence is impacting their businesses. Having studied marketing and advertising performance for the last 15 years, she is a strong believer that uncovering the patterns and triggers of consumer conversation is imperative to driving a brand’s success. As a former client of the company, she has brought a valuable perspective to the development of TotalSocial measurement and analytics tools, which provides brands with a 360-degree view of how audiences are talking about their brand, both online and offline.

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