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Reaching Women Through Their Infants

Today on Purse Strings Maria Reitan is joined by Sonal Gerten, Founder of Tumblewalla and PlayActivist.

Sonal explains “It’s been a personal journey to be more present and playful in my own life. I’m a busyness addict – my default setting is to do more, achieve more, stress more and worry more (when I’m not busy of course).

It wasn’t until the birth of my kids that I truly realized I needed to change my ways for the benefit of my family. Stress, constant worry, and a roadrunner lifestyle were NOT values I wanted to pass on to my sons.                                     As a new mom, I also saw a void in the market – a need for more spirited, pure and comfortable fabrics for babies and toddlers that represented the vibrancy and yoga traditions of my Indian heritage – and this “a-ha” is how Tumblewalla came to be…because a Tumblewalla (loosely translated from Hindi as “one who tumbles”) really knows how to PLAY.”

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