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Why We’re Confused About Consent—Rewriting Our Stories of Seduction

Today on Purse Strings we are joined Dr. Michele Meek PHD. Dr. Meek is a writer, filmmaker, and Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Bridgewater State University. She recently presented her TEDx talk “Why We’re Confused About Consent—Rewriting Our Stories of Seduction,” in which she explains how moments in movies and television blur consent with coercion. Her most recent book Independent Female Filmmakers—A Chronicle Through Interviews, Profiles and Manifestos is currently available with the publisher Routledge or on Amazon. Also, read her recent op-ed “It’s not just the Oscars: The Library of Congress fails women filmmakers too,” in Salon, and check out the documentary feature she worked as associate producer on, Salvage, which premiered at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival. 

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