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Rethinking ‘Build Value for Your Company

You hear it all the time ‘The CEO’s Prime Directive is to build value for her company’. Gillian and Anne take a closer look into what this exactly means. Build value for whom? Investors, certainly. They expect that. That said, focusing on the next quarter’s stock value or revenue growth alone does more harm than good over the long run. For whom else are you building value? What about your other stakeholders? Who are they? The definition of ‘Build Value for your Company’ is far more complex than simply adding dollars to your bottom line. Pleasure, satisfaction, social standing, independence, joy, relationships, connection to the community of consumers you serve and the vendors you support, your ability to support your employees financially and reward them emotionally, socially, and intellectually as well. Value is not about money. Listen to what every CEO needs to know about building value for all, and not least , at the end of the day– herself.

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