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Black Hat Hacking, Toolbar PageRank, Autocomplete, Authorship and Other Points f

Points from Matt Cutts PubCon Keynote Speeches included
Black Hat Hacking will be a core topic Googles web spam team will focus on. They hope to go after the hard core hacking tactics and reduce that impact on the search results.
Child pornography will be blocked significantly in all countries, not just the US.
Toolbar PageRank may or may not be fixed. The pipeline to export the quarterly data broke and Google has no immediate plans to fix it.
Mobile is going to be a key area in 2014, so pay attention to it.
Autocomplete, look to add request Autocomplete to your forms.
Top Ad Heavy Algo will get refreshed in a big way, see the previous update over here.
Authorship 15 percent Reduction – Google is going to get picky on who they show authorship rich snippets for. So dont be surprised if yours goes away, look for ways to make yourself more authoritative. This includes rich snippets for your site…

Plus, Ross and John discuss a recent Search Engine Roundtable poll that asked Does A Manual Action Removal Impact Google Rankings? , as well as auditing issues.

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