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Trump Ban from Facebook Extended

Trump’s Ban from Facebook continues for at least six more months. Oversight committee asks Facebook to clarify rules in light of how easy it is to pass disinformation and ferment sedition on the platform. The perma-ban from Twitter is, according to Twitter, permanent. 

IP detection and content changes might not be penalizable.  What was once seen a cloaking might now be up to the perceived intent of the webmaster

We’ll say this slowly, speed is good but it’s not the panacea. It’s more of a tiebreaker, which apparently happens more than you’d think. – Steve.

Adding images won’t make you rank higher

Not using Google Analytics won’t make you rank lower

Facebook Neighborhoods – Nextdoor Killer

Jim Boykin scrapes Yahoo Answers! And makes them available to public and publishes 

Embedded links in feature snippets was a bug, an error, a mistake, a big nothingburger of nothing to see here. Ooops.

Core Web Vitals and Sponsored Content

Cloudinary at SearchEngineLand and SEMRush at Search Engine Journal

Cyrus Shepard is an SEO, online marketer, content publisher, speaker, and writer. He has several years experience building highly qualified traffic through SEO and content marketing. His experience leading SEO at Moz and teaching others has introduced him to 1000s of top online marketers across the globe. 

Here is a recent link building guide that listeners can be pointed to if you’d like:

Moz has been on a link-building building spree. I see you’ve been advertising webinars on link building recently. Domain Authority has been a somewhat controversial topic lately. A certain founder has been found himself in the middle of a bunch of controversy, again. 

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