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​RIP Jill Sampey; Google Says Content Order, Position & Placement Matters​.

RIP Jill Sampey; Google: Content Order, Position Placement Matters. Where you place your content on your page can impact your rankings.  Daron Babin got a couple cats. WebmasterRadio.FM just wanted to be sure everyone knows that.
We’re one of the 12 best!We’re one of the 12 best! Vote early, vote often. Vote like a Ruskiebot with a stolen VPN. China cracks down on funeral strippers hired to entertain mourners, attract larger crowds
Vahan Petrosyan explains how to take a WP site  from http to https and offers a bunch of shortcuts in an article that runs like a checklist. Great resource to bookmark, especially for newer SEOs
Avoid an SEO Disaster During a Website Redesign and Pubcon Austin is on – SMX Advanced is upcoming! June 12 – 13 Seattle

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