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75th Anniversary Of The DDay Landing And Yoast Stepping Down

SEO Folks. Monday was Catfish Comstock’s birthday. Catfish has been an SEO who has been a contributor to the community and knowledge-base as long as I can remember. As it turns out, it’s also Carolyn Shelby’s birthday. She too has dedicated her life to improving SEO and SEM. She has gone by the name Cshel forever.Google dropped a core update that day that they’re going to insist on calling the June 2019 core-update. Let’s informally rename it in honor of some people who have given a good part of their lives to our industry. Now, I actually support the use of date-month-year naming for core updates. In the long run its the best way to track their implementation and effect. That said, each should have informal names crafted by the community that obsesses over them most because they’re puzzles with solutions that belong to those who solve them or make use of the solutions.

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