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Advertising Legend Terry O’Reilly on Gillette and Nike Pushing Social Commentary Messaging

In this episode Jim and Dave shared the mic with advertising legend, Terry O’Reilly.  They discussed how brands like Gillette and Nike make the decision to push the envelope in making social commentary in their ads, the risks involved and hot to mitigate then. They went on to discuss how technology is changing the way we live, destroying some sectors and creating new ones.  It was an episode you don’t want to miss.Web hosting provider GoDaddy is inserting JavaScript code into websites, which could slow down performance or break sites altogether. A snippet of JavaScript code is being added to sites in order to use a technology called Real User Metrics (RUM). Google has finally fixed the exploit with the knowledge panel in their search results. It only took them about three years to do so, but it is fixed. You can no longer create fraudulent knowledge panels with this hack. YouTube announced it is strengthening enforcement of its community guidelines to protect users from people who abuse the platform. Enforcement refers to actions such as removing a video or issuing a strike for a video that violates YouTube’s policies. The company says it is ramping up its efforts in response to community feedback. YouTube is specifically strengthening enforcement in these three areas.

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