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Apple Search Engine? Siri Gets Smarter?

Reports say Apple is likely to announce a new user-centric web search. However, for the search engine to become functional, Apple wants to wait till January 2023 to do so.

Apple published a list of things that might affect rankings back in 2020

• Aggregated user engagement with search results

• Relevancy and matching of search terms to webpage topics and content

• Number and quality of links from other pages on the web

• User location based signals (approximate data)

• Webpage design characteristics

John Giannandrea – was head of search at Google, left for Apple in March 2018 to lead Apple machine learning and AI division.

Core Updates use data from before the update starts. They might update data between Core Update events.

This Core Update…

New Google author markup for article structured data

“To help Google best understand and represent the author of the content, we recommend following these best practices when specifying authors in markup.”

• Include all authors in the markup

• Specify multiple authors when applicable

• Use the additional fields that is available to you

• Only specify the author’s name in the property

• Use the appropriate author type

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