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Are You Older Than Google?

Are You Older Than Google?
MUM (multitask unified model)
It’s not just a new algorithm; it’s a new way of ordering and facilitating search
-Things to Know – paths users take when exploring this topic (web surfing?)
-Topic Exploration – Using related topics user can zoom into or broaden topic
-Visual Exploration – Image search but actually useful.
-Google Merchant Center

Google Results Cards
Google Doesn’t see stuff behind captchas
Google Product Rich Results in Search Console – More info
Google gets that search query intent shifts over time
Google and Duplicate Content in product descriptions
“With duplicate content we have essentially two, roughly, different things that we look at.
On the one hand we check if the whole page is the same.
And that includes everything like the header and the footer and the address of the store and things like that, which in your case this would not be the case because one is maybe a manufacturer’s website and the description is the same but everything around it is different.
So that’s kind of the basic kind of duplicate content.”
Search Quality Raters Guide piece
EAT and Structured Data

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