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Facebook changes company name to Meta

Facebook changes company name to Meta
The company will also change its stock ticker from FB to MVRS, effective Dec. 1

Out of the Box Core Web Vitals Speeds
Who wins the CMS race? WordPress, Duda, Drupal, or Wix?
Images don’t help you rank… (not so sure this answer is entirely thought out)

John Mueller suggests images aren’t important to web search. Using the example of a grey box, John said, “within web search we don’t really care if it’s a gray square or if it’s a picture of a beach.” He goes on to say Google does care in image search what the content of an image is but in web search, adding more images won’t help you rank.

That may be well and true but there are a number of attributes and basic properties to and about images that Google does need to care about. How big is it? How is it loading? When is it loading? Does its existence add to or take away from page usability? Is there alt text describing the image? These are important items that speak to more than the mere content of an image.

Site Quality can cause a loss of rich snippets

Remove images of minors from Google search

Black Hat work? SEO Poll sees a 50% / 50% spread in community

So like, this is a public service announcement for the people of Tumbler Ridge British Columbia up in way upper Canada eh? Like, so we heard your Internet was down last weekend eh? You probably knew that already though. We just wanted to tells ya that Telus found out who’se been skunking your systems eh? It was the beavers. The damn beavers did it building another damn dam. For sure eh? You’se can sees the pictures thats Telus posted overs on their like Internet web page or at Arstechnica, which is thoroughly amused by the story.

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