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Week 10 of the COVID-19 Pandemic lock down

Kristine Schachinger sat in this week for Dave who is taking a local staycation. We had another wide ranging conversation covering everything from the Google May Core Update to Twitter’s suggested new policy allowing posters to select who can see or comment on Tweets.

We also talked about the DoorDash – Pizza Arbitrage article that appeared in the economics blog The Margins. A pizza shop owner discovered the delivery service DoorDash had hijacked his pizzeria’s Google My Business listing and was listing a $24 pizza for $16 (while still paying $24 per pizza). DoorDash was trying to build its customer base but was misrepresenting the pizzeria’s prices. Worse yet, its customers were getting their pizzas delivered cold. Several customer complaints later, the pizzeria discovered it could make $8 per “pizza” by ordering their own products and sending themselves empty boxes. Things got especially interesting with Google search liaison Danny Sullivan tried to explain Google’s policies in the comments section. Nothing good ever happens in the contact section…

Check out this episode of Webcology for these and other search related topics.

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