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Google Ads intros And Deceitful Link Building Practices

Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller is planning to investigate a particular link building practice and is seeking assistance from SEOs. Aleyda Solis started a thread on Twitter bringing attention to a deceitful form of link building that has been popping up. The tactic involves an individual claiming to own an image used in an article and demanding credit in the form of a backlink. Solis explains how this happened to her, and that the image in question couldn’t possibly belong to the person she received an email from. Google has added a feature to make it faster to share audiences within manager accounts. There is now a manager account-level setting called “Continous audience sharing” that will enable you to share all available audience lists in the manager account with all of its sub-accounts. Google said an option to share lists created in sub-accounts with the manager account will be coming in a matter of months. This might not be an appropriate action for your situation because it pulls all of the sub-accounts into the audience sharing pool. Before you share a list with another account, be sure you have the proper permissions from the account that owns the list, Google cautions. Advertisers must also consider their privacy policies and be sure to only share remarketing lists with accounts when they’ve received the proper consent from users.

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