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Google Core Update And Pinterest Ranking

Google’s John Mueller responded to a tweet asking why Pinterest ranks so well in Google search when the Pinterest pages have little to no textual content on the pages. John Mueller from Google said “sometimes images, even with minimal textual content, can be exactly what people are looking for. Not always, and sometimes we get it wrong, but it’s certainly an option.” It is hard to analyze a site like this because it covers news and there are many many spikes in traffic. Some spikes are huge and some spikes are small, and because of that, traffic is rarely ever flat for a site like this. This also includes Google organic traffic, because queries spike around news as well. But overall, I think this site’s traffic is not doing as well since the May 4th Google May 2020 core update. In a Google hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question about getting hit by the Google BERT update. Mueller discussed what BERT does and how that fits into the ranking.

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