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Google favors a small number of major outlets And SEOs Not Happy With Google Ads

In the last week of April, nearly 23 percent of all traffic to news sites tracked by web analytics firm came from search engines. Google alone accounts for nearly half of the external referral traffic—traffic, that is, that comes from platforms, apps, and other outside sources— to news sites. Together with the fact that Facebook referral traffic is on the wane, this means that Google’s search algorithm is now perhaps the most powerful mediator of online attention to the news. Google announced tons of new ad features yesterday – two of the more controversial ones within the SEO community are the discover ads that show up on the Google mobile home page and the gallery ads that make some of the search ads on the search results page massively. This week, WhatsApp began urging its 1.5 billion or so users to update their apps to get the latest security patch. The Facebook-owned company — which touts its “simple, secure” messaging — said it discovered spyware had been installed remotely on “dozens” of smartphones through the app. The hack affected both Apple and Android users. Without naming the company, WhatsApp described the hackers as “a private company that has been known to work with governments to deliver spyware.” Jim and Kristine also welcome the new host of LPO: Landing Page Optimization and the founder of Conversion Sciences, Brian Massey. They discuss the pressing issues affecting those working on landing pages and conversion and the evolution of that space over the span of the last 24 months. 

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