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Google Maps Rolls Out New Public Events Feature And March 2019 Update Theories on How to Fix

AdWords Editor has historically been one of Google’s most popular advertising products. Contributor and Googler Matt Lawson lists what makes him most excited about its relaunch as Google Ads Editor. Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko announced a plan to create a search engine that supports content creators and protects users privacy. Dmitry laid out his proposal for a more free and open web, one that rewards content creators directly from search revenue with a 90/10 split in favor of publishers. Google Maps is letting users create public events associated with specific locations–a feature that could compete with Facebook events. This feature hasn’t been officially announced, although it has been confirmed in the sense that there’s a dedicated help center article. People have also reported seeing it in search results already. Events can be added to a Google Maps listing from the Contribute tab in the Android app.There are a number of competing theories about what the March 2019 Update was about. This article evaluates each theory and proposes an idea of how to diagnose a ranking drop and how to fix it.

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