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Google Meet Free For All

Google Meet, the company’s premium video conferencing product, is now free for anyone who wants to use it. Previously known as ‘Google Hangouts Meet,’ the tool has only been available to G Suite customers until now. Last month, the premium version of Meet was made free to existing G Suite users. People could join a Meet call without paying for the product, but the call still had to be started by someone with a paid G Suite account. That’s changing so everyone can start calls on Meet without having to pay for anything. Google has said this many times, in many different ways, Google does not use Google Analytics for web search. John Mueller of Google said the other day on Twitter that Google does not use Google Analytics for indexing purposes. Google’s John Mueller said it would be “extremely rare that Googlebot would submit a form” on your web site. He said Google did this more often in the old days, especially on governmental web sites where there was no site navigation and the only way to get to public content was to use a search box on the site. But nowadays most sites have good navigation through links and it is rare for Google to have to submit forms.

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