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Google Reducing, Restricting, and Hiring

Jim and Dave discuss social media imaging guidelines, YouTube’s reduced subscriber criteria for their live stream feature, how Google will be launching “Google Hire” a job search service, and Google’s 1210 acre land grab in Reno for future data center site. Jim and Dave also touch on the Google Earth’s guided tours, importance of content hierarchy and website navigation, and Google’s plan for a built in ad-blocker for Chrome. They go on to say Google offering its own ad-blocker in Chrome that targets specific types of ads that users find particularly annoying (like pop-overs and auto-playing audio and video) may cause those users to never seek out another third-party ad-blocking extension. They discuss how Google did not ban Infowars and how the right wing conspiracy machine had it wrong again, Ripoff Report subverting Google content takedowns through changing URLs, and Search Engine Land’s columnist Megan Hannay’s article on local reach in a post-rank world.

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