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Google Russia Declares Bankruptcy ; Canada forces Google and Facebook to pay News Publishers

Google Russia declares bankruptcy after Russian authorities seize bank account.

Canada forces Google and Facebook to pay news publishers for loss of ad revenue – Search Engine Journal and the misuse of the word tax.

-Online News Act, Bill C18

“to compel global tech companies such as Facebook and Google to negotiate payment agreements with news organizations as compensation for news content that appears on the large platforms.” Modeled on successful Australian legislation

“There is no link tax. Canadians are not paying for anything, and no money goes to the government. Facebook and Google earn money from having links to news sites on their platforms because the work of independent journalists has value,” Ashley Michnowski, spokesperson for Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said. “We have had constructive conversations with Google, yet they’re pulling from their original playbook in Australia when Google tried to avoid regulation by exaggerating their concerns.”

Facebook’s Most Followed Content is mostly Spam – Facebook transparency Report

Top 101 SEO Tools that are free – Jon Clark, Search Engine Journal

John Mu – Spam is Spam, no matter what language you speak

Interaction to Next Paint might become a core web vital

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