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Google Search Console Clicks Go to Hidden Terms Says New Study

Most SEOs consider Google Search Console (GSC) their source of truth and trust the data to be accurate. What if I told you that GSC doesn’t tell you all of the keywords you’re getting traffic from? In fact, the tool doesn’t show a term for nearly half the clicks.
These instances of hidden terms account for 46.08% of all clicks in our study. The study includes one month of data across 146,741 websites and nearly 9 billion total clicks.
Google Updates Help Docs in wake of Stox’s Study.
GA4 supports Urchin Tracking Parameters (UTM) UTM Term, UTM Content, Conversion and Bounce Rate metrics
Google My Business App has ceased functioning
Google Maps App suggested as way to be able to message customer
There is no such thing as a ratio of nofollow to follow links in Google Rankings.
Is the type of CMS used to build a site a ranking factor?
Massive set of updates and bug fixes released with WordPress 6.0.1
Google Data Studio and how to use it

What is Google Data Studio and how you can use it

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