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Google’s Data’s Gone Dave it’s Gone, the Data’s Gone

Google’s Data’s Gone Dave it’s Gone, the Data’s Gone… the data’s gone away
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Twitter $uper Followers
Twitter is allowing a select group of creators (read, American residents) to charge a $3 premium to exchange $uper $pecial inspirations with their followers. Currently available to American users only, $uper Follower Creators need to be
•18 years old
•Have 10K+ active followers
•Have at least 25 tweets posted the previous month
•Be active for at least 3 months
•Have a fully tricked out Twitter profile
•Have a verified email address, and be double authenticated to offer account security
Chrome Beta Continueous Search
The beta of a new version of Chrome reportedly displays search results in a scroll across the top of the browser. Glenn Gabe, who is testing the beta version, is noted in SERoundtable with a screenshot of a visit to the Dick’s Sports website. Just above the header containing Dick’s Sporting Goods logo is a Google ad for “The best men’s golf shoes…” at Golf Digest .com
Google Debugs Using Bing
John Mueller wrote he often uses Bing to check if an issue he’s working through is a problem at Google, or a problem on the website in question. SEOs very frequently optimize for Google, given that’s where around 4/5 of the traffic comes from. Though search engines crawl and refresh at different rates, over time you can judge a website’s health by the behaviour of both search engines. If a site is tanking on Google but not so much tanking on Bing, the problem is likely a Googley issue. If the site is having problems on both search engines, the issue is likely a site quality or content clarity issue.
“I often use Bing when debugging. It shows if it’s just Google doing something weird, the site doing weird things, or if it changed over time (search engines index at different rates, faster/slower doesn’t matter). One of the simplest & fastest checks to do.” John Mueller
Google’s now warning webmasters not to change title tags to the one’s Google replaced them with.

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