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It’s Reporting Season And There’s Fallout On The Floor

It’s reporting season and there’s fallout on the floor. Shopify lays off 10% of the workforce on bad Ecomm bets while Meta(Facebook) posts its first quarterly loss in the company’s history…


Shopify lays off 10% of their workforce – Many showed up on Monday just to be shown the door.

July 2022 Product Reviews Update

New search features at Bing

Infinite Scroll tested for Google Maps search results

Unique IP addresses don’t give you an advantage over shared IP

Meta(verse) loses approx 2Billion in last quarter – first ever drop in revenue

Ingrid Adames at SEJournal with 10 Facts about DuckDuckGo

Differences between CWVReports and PageSpeedInsights (roger montii)

Google Cookies to remain active on Chrome until sometime in 2024

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