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Last episode of 2020

Last episode of 2020 and throughout the show our spirits were flying through COVID’s dark glow. The stories were loaded, all devil may care in hopes something useful was there to be shared. With thoughts of old Chicago all snug in our heads we just want to put a craptastic year to bed. Because exhaustion and distraction get nothing good done and perpetual lockdowns are not very fun. And Google is giving like Krampus again and taking the tools that help make it rain. And in all of our real worlds, we see so much sadness such as hardship and losses and self-driven madness. This Christmas, this Hanukkah, this holiday space is set of stressful options and there’s no way to make the right choices your people will happily take yet the cost of that dinner may be far too great. Last episode of 2020 and throughout the show our spirits were flying through COVID’s dark glow.

Our first two stories this week are tragedies. Bill Slawski had a stroke last weekend. He is cognizant, able to read, write, and speak, but he’ll need to relearn a number of physical skills. Another of our family, EB has lost two children in as many months. We’re reminded of all the children and parents and loved ones who are, so suddenly, just gone. 2020 was a rough and terrible year. Take stock and make sure your loved ones know that you love them.

Barry Schwartz has set up a website so people can send messages to Bill at Listeners who know Bill, or who understand the significance of the impact he’s had on the industry are encouraged to share a story about Bill there.

The stories we covered this week:
Monday’s Google outage affected nearly every major Google service. The following services were affected.

· Google Ads
· Google AdSense
· Google Analytics
· Google Search Console
· Google My Business
· YouTube
· Google Play
· Firebase
· Gmail
· Google Apps/Workforce
· Admob

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