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LinkedIn’s Dropped Pages And Google Core Update

LinkedIn’s pages dropped out of the Google search results for about 10 hours. But when it came back, it all came back really quickly. The SEO community is asking how did Google reprocess everything so quickly and how did LinkedIn return in Google search so quickly. The easiest way to explain it was that IF (we do not know what LinkedIn did for sure) LinkedIn went into Google Search Console and accidentally requested a removal of the www domain in Google Search, then that doesn’t technically remove the pages from Google’s index. All it does is flag those pages as to be hidden from showing in the Google Search results. So when you remove the flag to remove these pages, since those pages have never technically been removed from the index, they will pop back in pretty quickly for a search on LinkedIn in Google. Scripts are awesome for many reasons but the business conditions brought on by coronavirus have highlighted one of their most powerful benefits: they can be created cheaply and quickly. So much so that they can be deployed in quick response to unexpected events, even when there’s no expectation they will be useful for a long time. And when it comes to COVID scripts, we all hope those will be irrelevant sooner than later. But until then, they can at least help us get through stressful times with one less thing to worry about.

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