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Migrating From HTTP To HTTPS And Google’s New Search Console

Google trends analyst John Mueller strongly recommended that people migrating from HTTP to HTTPS do so with 301 redirects on a per-URL basis. He said you should not use other types of redirects, such as 303s or others; you should stick with 301 redirects for these migrations. Google has now added a link to the help document for this new report, saying the new report is “more accurate than the old Links to your site report.” Google felt the need to explain this so people would know that a drop in links from the old to the new report doesn’t mean Google sees fewer links to their site, it just means the new report is more accurate. Facebook has a life event feature in which users create a special post declaring the life event and details like the date, description, and even photos. To check it out, go to your name on your personal page on the top left, select “about”, you will find out how to add life events to your personal Facebook page. This will give you an idea more about the life event posts from the user experience.

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