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New Google Search Console Uses The Mobile First Index

According to a report from Reuters, the European Commission has proposed new rules that will require search engines, commerce sites and online platforms to explain how they rank results and to reveal why companies are penalized or removed from listings or results. Google is showing answers in the search results without showing any organic listings or ads or anything but the answer. Yehoshua Coren posted on Twitter a screen shot of him going to Google and Google returning the answer and a button to show search results. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google does not “pass signals through a lot of different kinds of links,” when asked if Google automatically nofollow Amazon affiliate links.Google has confirmed a core algo update happened last week. Google’s Danny Sullivan stated that Google was not targeting low quality websites. He explicitly confirmed that there is nothing wrong to fix in sites that lose rankings. This announcement is important because it squashes the usual Phantom Update speculation. Google is not targeting “low quality” signals.
Jim Hedger and Dave Davies catch up with welcome MobileMoxie founder Cindy Krum. Learn more about what Cindy is working by checking out the following…
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