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New WordPress Plugin to Create Facebook Instant Articles

New WordPress Plugin to Create Facebook Instant Articles as Facebook announced that Instant Articles will be available to all publishers on April 12, 2016. And to increase the number of publishers getting on board with Instant Articles, they have announced their own WordPress plugin to make articles Instant Articles friendly.

Instant Articles is similar to AMP in that it creates an extremely mobile friendly version of a page or article that loads up to 10 times faster. Like the AMP plugin, the Instant Articles plugin will make articles that load faster, right within Facebook, rather than the publisher site.

This plugin makes it incredibly easy for publishers to come on board with Instant Articles, if they wish to use it. While there is full documentation, for those without a coding background, the plugin is an easy solution.

Plus Jim Hedger and Dave Davies discuss aquery posed to fellow SEO Alan Bleiweiss that asks,

“Is there a way to allow Google to index our entire site, and have it show in organic results, EXCEPT for a specific geographic location? The exclusion is not content specific. Id like the option to block a site from showing up in a certain metro area (say Phoenix) or even state (say Arizona).”

Plus,Google Removing PageRank From Google Toolbar andGoogle Transitioning All Official Blogs to from Blogspot

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