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Reinventing your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

Today on Webcology the Guys are joined by Mike Dover, a very special guest to the show. Mike Dover is a writer, educator, technologist, and sometimes humourist. Most importantly, Mike is a modern thinker’s thinker. Many of you might be familiar with Mike’s first book, Wikibrands, Reinventing your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace coauthored with Sean Moffitt and forwarded by his long-term mentor Don Tapscott.  (yeah, Mike is a protégée of Don Tapscott. For technologists, that’s something serious, somewhat a kin to being Mcluhan’s TA. Wikibrands challenged its readers to make their businesses and brands more empathetic and engaging, to be driven by a process designed to constantly deliver a better customer (or user) experience while sustaining the attention of the market and keeping it fun for the owners. After a truly bizarre week of truly spectacular PR disasters and the ham fisted or tone deaf responses from Bombardier to Pepsi, the White House and United Airways the value of Mike and Sean’s work couldn’t be clearer. Does anyone here remember the early days of the commercial Internet? You know, the web from 1993 and ’94? Do you remember the instant power, the idealism, the sense that we could suddenly access everything at once and the wicked wild knowledge that everything henceforth would be very very different? It was literally awesome. As we jammed on the Information Super Highway and suddenly moved super-fast, we failed to notice the digital signboard above the overpass which quite clearly read, “All hope abandon ye who enter here”. And now look what has happened. That’s uhhh, that’s where Mike wants to take us tonight. 

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