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Scoring Your SEO With Google And Trusting Your Website

Content, from an SEO perspective, is the connection of entities by relationships. In the statement, “SEO is dead” there is the entity “SEO”, there is the entity “dead” and there is the relationship that one connects to the other and the direction of the said relationship. Google’s John Mueller confirmed yesterday in a video hangout that Google does not use the BBB, Better Business Bureaus score or reviews as well as other third-party trust sites in their ranking algorithm. So all that talk about making sure you have a good BBB score with the core updates is really completely unrelated to core search rankings. The other day, Google launched a new portal named that pretty much has lighthouse, another Google tool, results for your audit. One of the lighthouse results is an SEO score. Google just wants you to link naturally and not worry about linking out. If you want to link to a site because it is something your readers would find useful, then link away. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter “Just link naturally, no need to do anything fancy when linking to other articles in an organic way like that.”

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