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Search Result Pages Relatively Similar to No to Low Effort Category Pages

John Mueller Says Search Result pages are relatively similar to no to low effort category pages.

FCC does not have the authority to force Apple or Google to remove TikTok from their stores however the US government continues to warn against it after US data was accessed by ByteDance Engineers from within China. FCC can fine TikTok and even force reforms on the company as reported in Axios earlier today

Google Search Console Insights now supports GA4 (only)

From the what could go wrong file, Google testing Highly Rated By Users in Mobile Carousels. Google is testing a new carousel in the mobile search results named “Highly rated by users.” This will show product results that have, um, high ratings from user reviews.

Google Merchant Center adds autotagging for all free listings on Google. When auto-tagging is enabled, after someone clicks your free product listing and free local product listing, auto-tagging adds some additional information including a parameter called “result id” to the URL parameters that searchers click on.

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