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seoClarity 2021 Clickthrough Rate Research Study

Jim and Dave speak with Mark Traphagen (VP of Product Marketing & Training) and Mitul Gandhi, (Chief Architect & Co-Founder) of seoClarity. They discuss the findings of a new CTR study where they used over 750+ billion impressions across 17+ billion unique keywords to analyze CTRs by position, device (mobile and desktop), country, seasonality and even industry.

What makes seoClarity’s study remarkably different from all other studies is the sheer volume of actual data analyzed – 750+ billion impressions, 30+ billion clicks across 17+ billion unique keywords. This makes it the largest CTR study ever!

The end result is a robust CTR model broken down by device, keyword type, country, seasonality and industry. This provides more actionable data for search marketers who are looking for the most reliable figures unique to them and their industry.

Some of the notable findings included:
CTR by Device
Mobile users are less likely to click top-ranked listings than desktop users.
Mobile results gain 85.8% more impressions than results on desktop.
Click-through rate for position 1 decreases from 8.17% on desktop to 6.74% on mobile devices.
CTR by Country
For position 1, the lowest click-through rates are seen in the US, at 9.13%.
The US has the lowest click-through rates both for the Top 10 search results and the Top 20.
Users may be scrolling more than ever before – CTR in positions 17-20 is actually higher than positions 11-16 across the globe.
CTR by Seasonality
May and December are the months with the lowest click-through rates, and July through to September are the highest.
CTR By Industry
CTRs by position vary significantly from industry to industry.
‘Real Estate’ has the highest average CTR (all devices) across the top 10 positions (2.45%), and ‘Apparel & Fashion’ has the lowest (1.43%).

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