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Significant Privacy Concerns And The New Era of Technology

Jim and Dave discuss how the Trump Administration and Republican Congress are allowing ISPs to monitor, manipulate, and sell your private information – from financial, medical, social security number, browsing history, mobile app usage, content of emails and online chats to third parties that place the highest big without your consent and with no opt-out feature and how Canada is taking a different approach in this matter. They then discuss Kelsey Jones leaving Search Engine Journal to focus on her own business, MoxieDot and StoryShout. They follow up with the now free Google Optimize 360 and the impact of A/B testing; and how Google Home is integrating new features like August, Wink, LIFX, TP-link, Rachio, and Vivint. Jim and Dave talk more on the new era of technology and how 2018 will be so different from the world we know today in 2017.

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