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Sometimes website quality can’t be fixed with technical changes

Sometimes website quality can’t be fixed with technical changes
Maybe it’s not the Core Web Values. Perhaps it’s not links or that nasty pagination problem. You can make it fast and sometimes Google still doesn’t care. Sometimes a website’s quality isn’t found in the presentation. Sometimes it’s what’s being presented.
“if you want search engines to take your site more seriously, you really, really need to improve the game there.”
So making changes to your site speed, core web vitals, changing your structured data, title tags, etc – is simply not enough. You need to look at your website as a whole and see what you can vastly improve on, including site content, navigation, user experience and much more. It is very rarely just one thing.” John Mueller via Twitter
Microsoft Start – Bing’s version of Discover

Syndicated Content be Damned. Don’t republish and expect to rank for that content
Google Ads to start showing advertisers more search term data

•6.5X more data
•retroactively populated back to February 1, 2021 for applicable search terms.
•Google is going to remove search term data predating September 1, 2020 sometime in February 2022
It is historic query data for impression that didn’t result in a click

State of Search Survey from SEJ
Get the Lowdown on post-load activity from Project Fraggle Rock
Lightspeed updateds to version 8.3.0. It runs live on Page Speed Insights and will be added to Chrome90s Dev Tools, Sept 21.

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