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SpecialAnnouncement And Google Featured Snippets

Brian Freiesleben shared a screenshot of a featured snippet showing up not in the first position of the Google Search results page but lower down on the page. Back in the old days, I thought featured snippets can show in multiple locations but we could be wrong. Maybe since the new deduplication change, it stopped. Google search will adopt the SpecialAnnouncement structured data type, the company announced Tuesday. Although support is still in development, Google has published guidelines for using it on COVID-19-related announcements and site owners can already begin marking up their content with it. At the time of publishing, Google did not announce a specific rollout date for the data type in search results. Google has ended its short-lived test of monthly ad budgets, it appears. Advertisers that had access are now being notified, according to a screenshot of the notice that Gianpaolo Lorusso of AdWord Experience tweeted on Wednesday. Google is testing displaying new attributes for local results that show if there is dine-in, delivery or takeout services. Brian Freiesleben and Mike Blumenthal shared screenshots with me over the past few days.

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