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The Number One, Most Important, Search Ranking Factor

Today on Webcology the guys talk about everything from Google to mobile web development. Ever wonder what the number one, most important, search ranking factor is in Google’s algorithms? Is it links? Is it content? Is it a special hidden meta tag? Nope, it is none of that. It is awesomeness.Yep, that is what John Mueller of Google said, the number one, most important ranking factor Google uses to rank search results is awesomeness. Google is offering a mobile web developer certification. for the low-low price of just 99 dollars! If you need the self-assurance of Google to vouching for you as a competent mobile web developer, this is for you. You can pay the $99 fee to take an exam and get patted on the back with an electronic badge. Once you receive the electronic badge you can add it to your resume, display it on your website, or add it to your online profiles.

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