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The One Tag To Rule Them All And In Data Studio Bind Them Edition

A lot of search news this week and with Dave on the road in meetings Kristine Shachinger from Sites Without Walls in Las Vegas sat in with Jim to cover it. We started talking about Google’s well-named new multi-analytic tag, The Google Tag, and how to properly apply it. From there, our conversation travels all over the search indices including:

 Google’s Overview of Guidelines Document

5 new guidance sections added:

The Slow Road to Mobile

5 years later, sites still being migrated to the mobile first indexing

Rumble antitrust ruling might release some of Google’s secret sauces to social media midget

Disgraced far-right propagandist Glenn Greenwald reported…

John Mueller’s Just Do It Rant

Core Web Vitals not impacting NoIndex pages

“”Any page will not meet the discoverability requirement if any of the following conditions are met, including root pages for the origin dataset: The page is served with an HTTP X-Robots-Tag: noindex header or equivalent. The document includes a meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” meta tag or equivalent.” Chrome Dev Doc

17 Basic Best Practices for SEO

New goodies for YouTube Creators – Matt Southern at SEJ is reporting that YouTube’s update includes access to new metrics, copyrighted music, and an improved YouTube Studio Video Editor.

Musk and Twitter

Jones vs. et al

Product Review Update is finished rolling out

“…aims to promote review content that is above and beyond much of the templated information you see on the web. Google said it will promote these types of product reviews in its search results rankings.”

Google Tag

“Today, we’re further improving the tagging experience with the new Google tag — a single, reusable tag built on top of your existing gtag.js implementations that helps you confidently measure impact and preserve user trust. Starting today and rolling out over the next week, the Google tag will unlock new capabilities to help you do more, improve data quality and adopt new features — without requiring more code. As we’ve previously recommended with the global site tag, the Google tag should be installed on all pages of your website.”

“One tag to unite them all and in the data, studio binds them” SEO Tolkien, maybe.

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