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The State of SEOs in Ukraine

This week we have another special guest, Olesia Korobka is a SEO consultant based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Olesia is compiling a list of SEOs in Ukraine who need work or stability.

Google Search Central Virtual Unconference Returns at the end of the month – Martin Splitt tweeted with a “stay tuned” notice

No such thing as quotas for the number of rankings a website can achieve

Index Now added to Duda, All in One WordPress, and Rank Math SEO Plugins

Yoast suggests IndexNow a lot more When than Now – Doesn’t improve crawl efficiency or lead to more traffic

GSC URL Inspection Tool Errors

They shalt not blocketh Americans

If you are not allowed to show your website to users based in the United States, then you also cannot show that website to Googlebot.

CSS colours are not ranking factors.

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