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TikTok might have just bought a Virtual Reality company?

Rumour has it TikTok might have just bought a Virtual Reality company – Robert Scoble FB Tease
The metaverse is quickly gentrifying from a virtually real place to a very real place. I think people really need to think about this space.
UK, as part of Brexit to do away with many EU privacy laws, including the laws covering use of cookies. The plan is to create a more flexible data environment with less bureaucracy and very probably less transparency. Google is not only rewriting title tags, they’re asking you to help them improve!
Google Title Complaint Forum (pre-open – read a few bits of feedback)
New Title tag system is dyanamic and responsive, says Google’s Danny Sullivan
The Google Link Spam Algorithm finished its scheduled two week rollout two days ago (August 24), two weeks after it was supposed to complete.
Clicks on Email, social media, and paid ads do not have any effect on your website or landing page’s SEO whatsoever.
Desktop and Mobile pages don’t need to match, they just have to do the same thing. (16 pages vs. 8 pages as example)
It’s not you, it’s Goog. Google Search Console was sorta stuck for a couple days. If you see weird data for August 23 and 24, it’s not you it’s Google. According to Google Webmaster Support,
GSC Goes Gaboinki – August 23-24 (Search, Discover)
An internal problem caused a data loss in Search and Discover performance during this period. Users might see a significant data drop in their performance reports during this period. This does not reflect any drop in clicks or impressions for your site, only missing data in Search Console.
Listeners should know, we rewrote the title as applied by Google because we thought ours was more descriptive.
Google Keyword Planner not showing Keywords
(you can export the data to Excel or Google Sheets, even if it doesn’t appear on screen)
Most canonicalise – SEO poll shows 58% of SEOs canonicalise in the case of dupe content. 18% will rewrite everything, 12% will use a noindex, and a further 12% will do something other.

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